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Bits and Bobs (etc.).

Posted on September 5, 2015 with 0 comments



It has been several months since I last 'blogged.' I find the whole 'social media' aspect of the new music business paradigm both baffling and vexing. I reckon the audience I attract, although limited at best, couldn't care less about my thoughts on this year's fashion (I have none) or juicy personal tidbits like what I snort for breakfast (green tea). My 'music' and 'videos' speak for themselves. I'll stop here, lest this turn into a diatribe on Twitter and its ilk.


There are some things I'd like to share with my 'peeps' (my 'posse?'...I don't keep up with the latest jargon, especially since I've lived away from america for 25 years now--currently back in Tokyo).


1. Call to Action! Hilf mir! 私をアシスト!Assiste moi! 도와주세요! Aiutami! 帮助我!Помоги мне! ¡Ayúdame! Gere curam mei finis! ช่วยฉัน! Cabhrú liom!

I am planning to start playing live (concerts) next year, and to attract concert promoters and booking agents, I need strong 'followers' on-line. 

a. Please go to and 'like' my artist's page. 

b. AND, please go to and 'subscribe' to my Youtube channel, watch some videos, 'like' the videos, 'favourite' them and leave a positive comment. 

Doing these actions will increase your good Karma, and ensure a great life in your next incarnation! Thank you! 谢谢!Danke! Grazie! ありがとう!고맙습니다! Dziękuję! Lee Negin
2. New Album Release! 新しいCDがリリース!Neue CD veröffentlicht! Sortie Nouveau CD! नई सीडी का विमोचन! Новый CD выхода! 새 CD 출시! CD baru yang dikeluarkan! 新的CD发布!ซีดีใหม่ออก! Lee Negin's new album, "Surfing Samsara," a collection of 11 'singles' from recent albums, is available now at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and other fine head, fungi and coffee shops! "Negin's music is the sound of one hand clapping and one toe tapping!" -Zen Master Kusai Onara (batteries not included) Bon Voyage!!

3. Censored videos Back Again! 新しいビデオ!Neue Videos! 새로운 영화! Nouvelles vidéos! Новые Видео! नया वीडियो! וידאו חדש! فیلم ها جدید! 

3 years ago, Youtube banned 2 of my videos and accused me of massive political incorrectness. I rereleased them today with a 'parental guidance' filter--so kiddies under 13 close your eyes. The videos are for my tracks "Virtual Realty" (sic) and "From Whence it Came." You can see them at While you are there, please "subscribe" to my channel, watch a few cool videos and click "like" and leave nice comments. 32 videos guaranteed to raise your kundalini, & free your mind and booty!! 5D glasses not included. Bon Voyage!

Please understand I personally fund all of my little projects. The whole 'crowd funding' thing leaves me feeling queasy (and one needs a 'crowd' for the project to be successful, something I cannot claim). It seems like asking for charity, and there are far more worthy beneficiaries of charitable contributions. I received a statement from one of my music licensing representatives (specific to my music being used on Youtube by other people). The statement represented a 3 month period. Different tracks of mine were used, in that period alone, about 100 times. I received $00.01 for it. Yes, one american penny...or, one cent, or 1/100 of a dollar. I think you get the idea. 

Thank you for your support, dear reader (sic) (btw, I'll call you later this week, Auntie Em).

Have a lovely Autumn,

Lee Negin