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Dandelion Radio reviews "Cheeze Chronicles"

Posted on June 29, 2014 with 0 comments

"Lee Negin's 'The Cheeze Chronicles: Volume V' is not a conventional collection of album tunes. In breadth, it is operatic. In scope, it is mesmerising. The mind is dragged from one sonic experience to the next, sometimes feeling it's been dragged into the depths of space and sometimes back to earth with a rhythmic bang. It's Lee Negin's most ambitious work yet. It draws together all the bits that go into making his work so transcendent and mesmerising and slots them all together in one shuddering whole. This is music for the brain, the guts, the feet and anything else you've got." - Mark Whitby, Dandelion Radio (UK)

Boys and Girls, Back in the day, when radio mattered (before video killed the radio star, and now that Internet has killed the recording artist), there was a legendary British DJ (radio presenter) at the BBC in London named John Peel. He was 'the man' in the 1980's, and if he played your music, it was a badge of honour. I was VERY lucky that John not only played my material, particularly an early 'single' called "Nothing Goes Right" which was actually a B-Side, but he graciously sent me a handwritten note attached to a playlist. It is truly one of the highlights of my career. Fast forward to a new Century: There's a very cool 'radio station' in the UK (Internet radio) called "Dandelion Radio" which, in format, pays homage to Mr. Peel and his legacy. Since my return to active music making in 2010, they have been on my side, particularly the 'presenter' Mark Whitby. He just sent me the preceding review of my new album. The show goes on....

Sorry for the ramble--it's 3 AM and my 'meds' have just kicked in:)