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End of Summer 2014 News

Posted on August 22, 2014 with 0 comments

End Of Summer News


Greetings Comrades,


I hope you all had a very groovy summer! Thank you for your continued support, which I greatly appreciate.


First, I’d like to ask you to please vote for me—until 31 August-- at


I have made it to the finals, and to win would be quite cool—the “Next Big Thing” (after quite a while making noise). Yes We Can!


My new Technopera, which I released in June—“The Cheeze Chronicles: Volume V” has had a very positive response, including strong reviews in many international publications, particularly in Europe (3 in Italy so far, with a review slated for October in the highly influential avant-garde Italian magazine “Blow Up”). For links and excerpts from the reviews, go to


I just completed a lengthy interview with the cool blog “The Peverett Phile.” It will be published soon. Stay tuned.


The entire CD was played—from beginning to end—on MusicWorldRadio (UK), and every day in the month of August 30 minutes from the CD (tracks I selected) are being played on Dandelion Radio (UK) on presenter Mark Whitby’s show. See the schedule at


So far, 4 singles and videos have been released from the Technopera. One video in particular has ‘gone viral’ (in my tiny niche of the universe) with about 21,000 views since its release in June. The track is “(Let’s Join) The Twit Parade.”


On 22 August, I released 2 new singles and videos from the Technopera. One track, “The Cheeze Spreadz” was previously only available as a bonus track on the Uranus edition of the album. So, it’s a premier for Earthlings. You can watch them at


And the track “Loan Me a Paradigm” at




And all of my 25+ videos at


It would be much appreciated if you’d watch entire videos, “like” them (click on “like”), subscribe to my channel, click on ‘favorite” and leave a nice comment. Very helpful for me in video rankings!


It’s very gratifying for me that since starting to release videos 4 years ago, I’ve had over 81,000 views on my Youtube channel alone (not including views on Vimeo and other sites).


On 15 August, to celebrate its 20th anniversary, I (re)released my 1994 album, “Balance,” which I remastered for the occasion. It’s available at iTunes, Amazon and



If you haven’t already, please come hang out with the cool kids at




I am now trying to logistically sort out the equipment, etc. necessary for a European solo tour next summer. Stay tuned. I am also working on a new album, with a planned released in December, or early next year. There will be another video/single or two from the Technopera released over the next few months.


I wish you all a lovely Autumn (or Spring, depending on your hemisphere). Remember, my albums/CDs are available at iTunes and Amazon (Internationally), as well as


Streaming is OK, but I make almost nothing from streams. Better than illegal downloading, but not by much!


Be cool,


Lee Negin