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Lee Negin: NEW ALBUM

Early Reviews for "The Cheeze Chronicles: Vol. V"

Posted on June 28, 2014 with 0 comments

“Lee Negins new ‘Technodelic” craziness, “The Cheeze Chronicles: Volume V” will surely keep you awake! Once you think you have it figured out, the music takes you in a completely different direction. What is more surprising—beyond Negin’s mastery, sound quality and his sheer brilliance—is that the world he creates, while appearing ‘absurd’ and ‘bizarre’--is much less absurd than the ‘real’ world most of us apparently inhabit. If Negin’s aim was to point out the absurdities of our society and contemporary life, then he hit the nail fully on the head.” – Gianmaria Consiglio (Esteemed Italian Music Journalist)

"Man, it's a sonic journey of epic proportions. In the world of opera, the Cheeze is mighty indeed. Negin doesn't so much hit the funk button, as kick it all the way to Neptune. I'm loving it." - Simon Humphrey (UK Producer/Engineer: The Clash, Culture Club, David Byrne, Hans Zimmer, Jeff Beck, etc.)

Lee Negin, the soundscape master, dazzles once again, with more mind-bending sounds and hard beats shaped into his latest “Technopera” (Techno Opera). "The Chronicles of Cheeze: Volume V” is like ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ on an acid trip. There are various, nicely crafted dance numbers but in many places, this adventure sounds a little like a trippy radio play. Chill to a kaleidoscope of sounds and literally, when you want to go somewhere else, like a fine wine, you get more and more from repeated tasting. At times, the album reminds me of The Orb, KLF, Talking Heads and Future Sound of London, all rolled into one but Negin started his noted career before everyone mentioned. Leave your concept of time at the front door. There is never a dull moment, and the pace is nice and steady with a few techno numbers laced with prime sound cuts. You might just forget that an alien is talking to you."   - Paul 'DeJay' Readman  (Music World Radio (UK) Host)

"Eclectic and prophetic, your first listening of Lee Negin’s latest orchestral offering, the pschoelectric, technodelic opera, “The Cheeze Chronicles: Volume V” may well leave you a little breathless, perhaps even somewhat disorientated. Be strong. You will recover in time to succumb to an even more powerful and irresistible desire to delve still deeper into the oscillating musical mosaic that this master of cross-genre, cross-cultural, cross-galaxy ceremonies has conjured up for discerning listeners from the planet Earth. Part of an epic cycle of Technoperas that are loosely patterned after Wagner’s “Der Ring des Nibelungen”, “The Cheeze Chronicles: Volume V” finds its operative roots in some of the concept albums of the seventies (Frank Zappa’s “Studio Tan” in particular comes to mind) and its artistic expression in the masterly creative use of cutting-edge, electronic technology.  With artistic playfulness that belies far deeper concerns, Lee uses the "Chronicles of Cheeze" to peel the lid off the can of worms that this bloated, egocentric, consumer-driven society has created, and at the same time gives a sidelong poke at the current trend of pre-moulded, loop-and-sequence singles that has infiltrated and sadly debased the modern-day, electronic, musical scene.
Lee Negin quotes Krishnamurti on the album sleeve as saying, “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society”. Well, after listening to “The Cheeze Chronicles: Volume V” it would be difficult for anybody not to agree that this album is a mighty powerful medicine!" - Tony "The Toe' Lawson, (Master, concierge and major-domo of IndieGuild, net)