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Lee Negin: NEW ALBUM

"The Cheeze Chronicles: Vol. V" LYRICS

Posted on June 7, 2014 with 0 comments

Lee Negin

The Chronicles of Cheeze: Volume V

Transmission Logue

All Music and Lyrics © 2014, Lee Negin/Passing Phase Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

1. Scrying the Now

Alien Dudes: Welcome space cats and kittens, and people of the planet earth. You are about to embark on a journey that takes place on the stage between your ears.  Do not be alarmed. We mean you no harm. This Long Playing, Octophonic recording contains material that might make you lose awareness of the space-time continuum and realign your neural network. Do not attempt to adjust your listening device—rather, adjust your thinking apparatus using appropriate methods. Enjoy the ride. For maximum benefit, listen to the entire LP in one sitting. Clothing is optional. And remember, “What you see is you.”

2.Just Saying….

Station EXP Show Host, Paul Carusoe:  And now, sentient beings and other bags of gas, to close today’s broadcast, playing their cosmic chart-topping smash-a-roo, give it up for Earth’s own, “Father Ben Dover and The Choir Boys!!”

Father Ben: You wear your robes and rings
Party hats and holy things
Business is good, and so are the boys

Repression, Obsession
The myths and lies
The power, the money
If born, you’ll die

You sit on gilded thrones
You worship those sacred bones
You spin fairy tales, you cover your eyes

Heavens and hells
Incense and bells
Hawking your wares
With facile prayers

Your blind faith, the mindless sheep
Led to the slaughter, with their beliefs
You count your money, you don’t hear their cries
You condemn, you judge with practiced smiles
An inbred club of pedophiles
You kill and plunder, in your gods’ names

Your voodoo
Is nothing new
Symbols and magic
The chosen few
Repression, obsession
The myths and lies
And all that don’t conform,
You crucify

The middle finger of fate
The rites and rules that you create
You parrot books, pontificate
You preach about love, but practice hate

You reek a cloistered smell
Your dogma makes this unholy hell
And it’s all a polished turd
to attract desperate flies
Your well-worn fables are plagiarized
You want all heads to be circumcised
And little boys are sodomized
And little girls are brutalized

La la la la la la la la (sing-a-long bit)

Paul Carusoe: Yes! Now that’s what I’m talking about, puppies! Join me, the Spastic Dancers, and the whole swingin’ posse next time on Station EXP when we will feature Uranus’s own dreamboat, Claude Balls, lip-syncing his new single, “Kitten’s Revenge” live! Until then, be cool, take your medication and keep it real! HA HA HA HA…. Ciao!

3.Janus Half-Baked

Aliens through Cheeze: Your snake head’s popping out your pocket
And then you stick it in her socket
We watch you take off like a rocket
You shear her fleece off then you flock it

We like to watch, the thrills vicarious
We find your drama so hilarious
We slurp and suck and grow delirious
You make it all seem so mysterious

We like to feed off your erotic
We watch-exist, it’s symbiotic
We find your mind-set too neurotic
You are barbaric and psychotic

4.Loan Me a Paradigm

Chat Show Hosts: (Set your Universal Translation Implant (UTI) to “English Setting”).

5. Wei Lei Lays Some Cable

Wei Lei’s Diatribe: (Set UTI to “Mandarin”).

7. Acid Reflux

Wei Lei and Alien Cat: (Set UTI to “English” and “Mandarin”).

8. Enter/Emission (Strumpets & Cheeze)

Alien MCs:  We now pause for a brief intermission. The ‘Patio Bar’ is now open. Herbal refreshments and a variety of fungi are available for a reasonable charge.

Please return to your optimal listening position. Act 2 is about to begin. Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy the show!

 9. Let’s Go Shopping

Alien Commentator:  “But whether a culture is a tribal way of life or a great civilization, it serves its people in the same way…by setting up goals for a way of life through which they can achieve personal happiness if they conform.”

Cheeze: “Let’s go shopping, baby!”
Buy more cool stuff
You don’t need
Kill the planet
Spew your seed

Hack down forests
Burn the grass
Obese, gluttonous zombies
With heads stuck up your fat ass

Build more weapons
Build more walls
Flex your muscles
Swing your balls

10. Cogs in the Happiness Machine

(Set UTI to ‘Earth-Multi’ mode)

11. (Let’s Join) The Twit Parade

Ensemble: Let’s join the twit parade
Dress up like thugs
We think we’ve got it made
Numbed by cool drugs

Watch from electric chairs
Nachos with Cheeze
Ooze coursing through our tubes
Porn on TVs

Drones in the factories
Bees in the hive
Dying’s not sad, you know
Most never alive

We kill for the promised land
Where money buys class
Lost in our mobile screens
Fame, Tits and Ass

Let’s join the twit parade
Wage wars for our turf
Blood waves approaching now
Learn how to surf

La la la la la la (the karaoke bit)

The Cheezettes: Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Hey, hey, etc.

13. Sterne Drek auf der Autobahn

Herr und Frau Große Wurst: Eins zwei drei vier.
Ich liebe Ihre fleischigen massiven Wurst,
Und ich liebe die fließenden reinen Bier.
Wir sind auf der Autobahn fliegen!
Ihr Schnitzel zwischen meinen Schenkeln,
Ihre Reitstiefel und Peitsche!
oh, es zu verletzen, machen mich quietschen!
Wir sind auf der Autobahn fliegen,
mit Ihnen hinter dem Lenkrad.
In der deutschen Metall-und Chrom ummantelt.
Wir sind auf der Autobahn fliegen,
zwei Hippie-Zigeuner
Going mobile.
Fliegen auf der autobhan!
Tanz wie es kein Morgen, Liebling.

14. Happy Trials To You (Until We’re Meat Again)

Alien Commander: And now, we must be on our way
We’ve had enough, it’s time to go
And if you survive another day
To create more hell, to reap what you sow
You waste your lives in childish schemes
Your misery, your futile dreams

Wei Lei:

Alien Commander: Don’t believe what you’re told
Please think for yourselves
Your pain is self-inflicted, let go
That’s not what you’re here for
The conditions for your happiness
Are waiting inside your front door

Wei Lei:

Cheeze: The fleeting moments fly
Let go and breathe
Your past is but history
Your future a mystery
And if you’re not happy now
You’ll never be
Stop judging, this or that
You’ll truly be free

Alien Commander:  Don’t take yourself so seriously
You’re not who you think you are
You’re just a wave in time, you know
But forever, the endless Sea

We must be on our way. Goodbye. Sayonara.

Thank you. On behalf of Cheeze, Wei Lei and Us,
Dance like there’s no tomorrow….