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Lee Negin: News

New Single and Video - October 11, 2013

New Single! 新音樂!ニュー·ミュージック!새로운 음악! नई संगीत! Muzik Baru! Lee Negin's new techno-funk smash single, "Wa Chu Do In" released 11 October. Rave reviews: "My altar boyz love twerking to Negin's divine techno-funk!" -Father Ben Dover, ArchBishop of Uranus.
"Continuous listening to "Wa Chu Do In" removes karmic debris and static cling." -The Dolly Llama
Available at iTunes, Amazon, and other discerning emporiums. Get yours today! :)
New Film! 새 영화! 新規ムービー!新的電影!Filem Baru! नई फिल्म! Lee Negin's new techno-funk smash, "Wa Chu Do In" released 11 October. Watch in 6D with third-eye monocle (available at better headshops). Support the cause at

"The Lunar Collection" Review - September 12, 2013

Great Album Review! 멋진 음악 검토! 素晴らしい音楽レビュー!偉大的音樂評論!महान संगीत की समीक्षा करें! Kubwa Mziki Review! A great review of my current album, "The Lunar Collection" published today.

"Lee Negin...has once again shown himself capable, if there was still a need to do so, of changing and evolving constantly, while still maintaining an instantly recognizable imprint, and of possessing a natural ability to take even his most faithful listeners by surprise...."
Album available at iTunes, Amazon, , etc. Support Indie Music!!

New Single! - May 24, 2013

"Moshi Moshi" released 24 May, 2013. Summer dance music~

New Video! - March 15, 2013

New Film! 새 영화! 新規ムービー!新的電影!Filem Baru! नई फिल्म! The first 'single' from Lee Negin's new album, "The Lunar Collection." Watch in 6D with third-eye monocle (available at better headshops).
Support the cause at

NEW ALBUM RELEASE! - March 8, 2013

New Album! 新樂章!ニュー·ミュージック!새로운 음악! Muzik Baru! नई संगीत! เพลงใหม่! Lee Negin, "The Lunar Collection" release 09 March.

"Hearing this artist's expertly produced work is to experience a vision aimed beyond the realm of pop. ...Negin never offers the same sound twice, employing singers as ensemble instruments and working with sounds in a way that reminds us at times of Brian Eno, Aphex Twin and Wendy Carlos." - Music Connection Magazine

available at CD Baby, Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

New Interview - January 4, 2013

A wonderful, in-depth interview was published on 04 January in Indie Guild. Check it out at

Top Album - November 30, 2012

"Views from the Outer Rim" was selected by Dandelion Radio (UK) as one of the top 50 albums of 2012 (#22).

New Video! - November 10, 2012

New video for "Beyond the Planes," a track from my new album, "Views from the Outer Rim"

New Video! - October 7, 2012

New Video! "Virtual Realty" a track from "Views from the Outer Rim" released; the third video from the album. Check it out at

NEW ALBUM RELEASE! - September 28, 2012

Negin's new album, "Views from the Outer Rim" was released on 19 September, 2012. A collection of electronica-ambient-experimental dreamscapes, available at CD Baby, Bandcamp, iTiunes, Amazon, Nimbit, etc.

New Video and Radio Interview - June 9, 2012

New Video! "From Whence it Came," a track from my new album "Technodelic Transmissions."
On Monday, 11 June at 8 PM (UK Time) I will be interviewed live on

NEW CD!!! May 2012 - May 17, 2012

Negin's new CD, "Technodelic Transmissions" will be released on 19 May. Available at CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp, etc.

NEW VIDEO!! - February 4, 2012

My new video, "Giverny" is a tribute to the master of light, Claude Monet. I created the impressionistic soundtrack, and 99.8% of the images (I took the pictures at his house and gardens in France).

"Hungry Ghosts" makes top 50 albums of 2011!!! - January 7, 2012

My CD, "Hungry Ghosts" was selected as one of the top 50 albums of 2011 by Dandelion Radio (UK), a station that honors Jon Peel's legacy. Peel was the most influential radio host in the UK, and probably all of Europe. He played my music in the 1980's!

"32. Hungry Ghosts – Lee Negin (Passing Phase)
Brain-teasingly original electronic brain-scrapings from eighties Peel favourite."

I am honoured!!!

New Video and Single!! - January 6, 2012

VIDEO and SINGLE! Check out my new video, a tribute to my friend, the late artist Marek Sierocki. Watch in HD, full screen.
The soundtrack is available as an MP3 single (extended, remixed) at: and iTunes, Amazon, etc. NEW

NEW CD! - December 9, 2011

My new CD, "Reflections of Waking Dreams" will be released on 10 December (downloads) and 12 December for the physical disc. A collection of 5D, third-eye opening, chakra spinning, kundalini raising dreamscapes. Available at CD Baby, vibedeck, bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

NEW VIDEO!! - December 3, 2011

NEW VIDEO! My latest collaboration between me (noise) and Portuguese filmmaker Hugo Alexandre Cruz (Lisbon). For a delightful Sunday, watch it along with my 15 other mind-blowing 5D videos in a loop. Repeated viewing leads to freedom from the wheel of birth and death and improved bowel function! Hemp oiled popcorn will be of benefit!

NEW VIDEO! SALE! LISTING! - October 16, 2011

Greetings! I hope you are enjoying the lovely autumn (or spring for my friends in the southern hemisphere).

My new video, "Below the Depths" has just been uploaded to my You Tube channel.

My 2 recent CDs, "Wu Wei" and "Hungry Ghosts" are on sale for $5.00 apiece at

I am honored to now be listed in Vintage King Audio's (the leading international supplier of high-end recording studio gear--where I get my kit) "Producers Corner"

Thank you all for your kind support. I am currently working on a video with a Portugese filmmaker, and writing/recording a 2 CD opera that is slated for release in February 2012. I plan to release a CD of my video soundtracks in November or December. I also hope to do a European and some Asian cities tour next summer.

Best wishes,

Lee Negin

NEW CD RELEASE!! 26 September - September 23, 2011

NEW CD RELEASE!! 26 September

"Wu Wei," CD Release on 26 September
सीडी रिलीज: "वू वी," 26 सितंबर को जारी किया जाएगा.
CD Release: "Wu Wei", wird am 26. September veröffentlicht werden.
CD 출시 : "우 웨이는"9월 26일에 발표됩니다.

"Wu Wei," a collection of electronica/ambient/experimental work will be released on 26 September. Reviewers are unanimous in their praise:

"No Western musician has found so much of the formless energy at the core of Eastern music as Lee Negin has with his new CD, Wu Wei!"

- Billy Sheppard, Music Critic and Sheep Counter, Billy's Bunker Music Reviews

"Negin effortlessly forges through the uncharted waters of musical Zen and cleverly orchestrates sound into a vibrant, visceral experience."

- Lee Crisman, Pluto Radio

"Wu Wei is a deeply textured, melodic exposition of contemporary electronic music."

- Chris Costantino, Musician/Founder, SonicTribe

"(Lee Negin has) composed and created 21st century classical music here. Very cool."

- John Scott G, noted Los Angeles publisher, author and publicist

"Lee Negin has returned, like a long lost treasure of the ambient arts."

- DJ Readman - Music Revolution Promotion, DJ on Music World Radio (UK)

The CD has optimum audio quality--mastered by Jon Astley in London (Jon has mastered David Bowie, The Who, George Harrison, Led Zeppelin, ABBA, The Rolling Stones, etc.) and single-speed glass mastered.

For a limited time, get the CD's "Wu Wei" and "Hungry Ghosts" (released in February 2011) for $5.00 USD dollars apiece (2 CDs for $10.00 + shipping--international orders accepted) from:
This will start on 26 September.

My work is available at:

CD Baby (Downloads and Physical CD)
Vibe Deck
Reverb Nation Store

And many other online outlets.

More information
World Premier on Music World Radio! I will be interviewed on Music World Radio on 26 September, at 20:30 (8:30 PM) UK time. Music World Radio is streamed on Internet, so internationally available

Autum 2011 Updates - September 3, 2011

On 02 September, my song, "Without Reason" was released on a compilation from Daidalos Records from Chile.
On 04 September, my new single and video of the song "(If You Cry) Cry With One Eye" was released.
On 26 September, my new CD of ambient/electronica/experimental work, "Wu Wei" will be released. Stay tuned!

On 26 September, at 8:30 PM (UK Time), I will be interviewed on Music World Radio (UK)

New Video and Single!! - August 6, 2011

New Video and Single! 新しいビデオとシングル!Neues Video und Single! Nouvelle vidéo et Single! 新的视频和单!Nuovo video e singolo! Новое видео и единого! नई वीडियो और सिंगल! Check out my new video, and download single at iTunes, Amazon or

The Saga Continues!! World Premiere - July 10, 2011

WORLD PREMIERE!! This is your personal invitation to attend the red carpet gala for “Cheeze Takes Off,” the epoch marking new 5D documentary feature film from Noize by Negin Studios of Follywood. Clothing optional. BYOB. Herbal infusions will be served. 5D monocles (worn over the 3rd, or single eye) available at the refreshment stand. Bon voyage! “Negin’s new epic blows the lid off of all conspiracy theories.” –News of the World Hackers Club

Historic Video Unearther!!! - June 13, 2011

News Release:

BREAKING WIND and NEWS!!! NEW VIDEO!!! From the "Noize by Negin" Labs, hidden in a crater on the dark side of Uranus. Hurry and watch--the forces of darkness and evil are already gathering to remove it. Neo Conservatives across the globe have declared it an abomination (Obama-nation). Truth Revealed!! Watch it while you can! Spread the News! Cheeze has arisen (or is he excited to meet you?)!

Radio Interview - May 20, 2011

Starting on May 4, Pluto Radio (on-line streaming, so international) a 3-part interview (with me) series began. Part one aired on May 4 and 5; part 2 will air at the end of May (date to be announced) and part 3 in June (ditto). Please check for updates (and tune in. it's a VERY cool station).

New Shamanic Trip Video II - April 23, 2011

"Dream Time," my second collaboration with Swiss Shamanic artist Seelenflug has been released. Check it out!!
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