New Video! 

The 4th video from my latest album, #Entheogenic Dharma Music." "In the Lucid Moments." Watch it, "like it" (and all of my 38 videos) and subscribe to my Youtube Channel. Leave comments under the video, too. Greatly appreciated!

New Video! 

The 4th video from the album "Entheogenic Dharma Music" - "Bossa Novocaine Salsa (with Cheeze)"

New Album! 

Lee Negin's new album, "Entheogenic Dharma Music" to be released 3 May! Available as a limited edition CD from  CD Baby and Amazon, and digital downloads from CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, etc. 

New Single & Video 

The second single released from forthcoming album, "Entheogenic Dharma Music" (3 May 2016 release as limited edition CD and digital downloads). New single, "Psychonautics 101 ('Explore Inner Space')" can be seen at

New CD Limited Edition Pre-Order 

New Album Release


नई सीडी रिलीज


Lee Negin



Entheogenic Dharma Music


Lee Negin’s new solo album, “Entheogenic Dharma Music, “ a collection of 8 mind-blowing extended tracks of psychedelic-trippy-dance-trance-ambient-electronica-dreamscape-“new-world’-Zen soundtracks, will be released and go on sale in mid-May, 2016.


“Negin’s music is the sound of one hand clapping and one toe tapping!” – Roshi Kusai Onara, Abbot, Tofuji Hemp Farm & Sheep Grooming


A limited run of 100 physical CDs (discs)…

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New Single 

On 14 December, 2015 a new single,"Dervish Dharma Dancing" released. Psychedelic Dance Music....and a NEW VIDEO!!




New Single 

1 December, 2015  New Holiday Single release: "Frack Art, Let's Dance" with cover art by great UK artist, Bryan Hovercraft. 

Updates, 2015 

Since last update, I have: Released a new album in January 2015, entitled "Terminus" a collection of longer, ambient/experimental 'space' pieces. In March, 2015, I released a new video of a track from "Terminus," "Terminal 4." In August, a new video, "Real Tea TV," and finally in September, a new album "Surfing Samsara." I have to stop being so lazy about keeping this up-to-date!!New Video, "Real Tea TV"

March 2015, New Video, "Terminal 4"

19 January, 2015 New EP Release: "Terminus"

1 September, 2015 New…

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New EP, 19 January 

New EP released: "Terminus" a collection of 4 extended dreamscapes. The soundtrack for the 5D movie "...that takes place in the space between your ears." Release date 19 January!